The apps will convert GIFs to the right format for the pin when artworks are imported. However since the format of the pin is quiet limited it's best to prepare the GIFs in a software like Photoshop or EZGIF Maker (free) before import.

The spec of a gif that the pin can display are: 

  • 300*300 px
  • Max File Size: 300 kb
  • Max Number of Frames: 35

Some tips for great results:

  • The number of frames is limited - use delays on individual frames instead of copying them to get delaying effects, 
  • High contrasts are preferable as the screen has somewhat bluish backlight that affects how one perceives the colours. 
  • The screen can handle 256 colors but it rarely makes a difference for the end result other than making the gif very large. Try to minimize the number of colors you use as it have a huge impact on the file size. 
  • Lossy - 15-20% tends to have minimal impact on how an image or gif is perceived once it is displayed on the pin. 
  • Transparency - try turning it on/off to see how it impacts the size. 

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