1. Start by downloading the app from App Store.

2. Open the app and go to "My pins".

3. Click add pin. Notice: If Bluetooth is not enabled the app will ask you to enable it. Bluetooth has to be enable to communicate with the pin. 

4. Turn the pin on by holding the power button for 2s (until the screen lights up).

5. On the next screen select the pin in the list of devices. TIP: If you have multiple pins we recommend starting one and have the others turned off. Otherwise you will not be able to tell the difference between them.

6. Enter a name for your pin and continue.
Notice: You might get an error message telling you that the pin is already paired. Relax, just hold the power button on the pin for 5s (until the pairing screen appears) then try again.

7. You've now paired the phone with your pin and can start uploading artworks.
Notice: Check that the pin appears in the list of pins and that the status switches to "connected". If not drag down from the top of the screen to retry.

8. Go to the "Artworks" tab and click an artwork that you like. Then click "wear" to switch to that artwork on your pin.

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