Turn on and off
Hold the power button on the left side of the pin for 3s to turn the pin on and off. 

Toggle backlight
The backlight of the pin can be toggled in 3-levels by clicking the power button.

Before usage the pin needs to be paired to the phone. Download one of the apps and follow the instructions to pair your phone with your pin.

The pin can only be paired to one phone at a time. If you want to use the pin with a new phone you can remove that last pairing by having the pin turned on and hold the power button for 15s until you see the pairing message.

The pin is charged via MicroUSB. Connect the USB cable to a transformer or computer and connect the MicroUSB end to your pin. The pin is fully charged in about one hour. 

Display e-label
Click the power button quickly 5 times to display the devices e-label.

Forced power off
In the rare occasion that the pin freezes you can force it to turn off by holding the power button and connecting the MicroUSB cable.

Factory reset (use with care)
The pin can be reseted to factory settings by holding the power button for 30s (until a factory reset artwork appears). This removes all the data on the pin and should only be used as a last resort if everything else fails.

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