Note: A firmware update is only needed if you're unable to connect to the pin with your iPhone. Only a few user are affected by this problem so make sure you're are one of them. 

What you'll need

  • The pin can only be updated via Bluetooth so you'll need access to a device that can connect to the pin (ie an Android device).
  • Your pin (charged).
  • If you're inexperienced with Android it's also good if you have a Android user that can help you.

The Video

I've recorded this video that shows the process from start to end. Use that and take help of the steps below for more detailed information.

The steps

Follow these step to update the firmware on your pin:

1. Download NRF connect from Google Play

Go to Google Play on the Android device and search and install NRF connect. (NRF connect i a software that is used to update the chip in the pin).

2. Download NRF XML snippet

Download Update firmware.xml to the Android device. Make sure you note where on the device you save it.

3. Download Firmware 

Download to the Android device. Make sure you note where on the device you save it.

4. Open "NRF Connect" and connect to your pin

  1. Turn your pin on.
  2. Unpair you pin by holding the power button for 5s (until you see the paring screen).
  3. Open the NRF Connect app on the Android Device. 
  4. Press "scan".
  5. Click the "connect" button on the "Pin" item in the list of devices.
  6. You might now see a message asking you to bond to the pin. Ignore it.
  7. Great you're now connected. 

5. Import the NRF XML snippet.

  1. Click the red button in the bottom left corner.
  2. Press the Blue "Arrow Down" button.
  3. Go to the folder where you saved the NRF XML snippet in step 2 (the filename should be "Update firmware.xml").
  4. Click the file.
  5. Now you should see a item "Update firmware" in the Macros list.

6. Put the pin in update firmware mode

Make sure the pin is connected and press the play button on the "Update firmware" firmware macro. This will put the pin in firmware update mode. The pin display will turn of and the pin will disconnect in NRF connect.

7. Upload the new firmware

  1. Go back to the scanner in the tab bar in NRF Connect.
  2. Press "Scan" again.
  3. Now a item called "PinUpdate" will appear in the list of devices. Press "connect" on that item.
  4. On the new screen you'll see a small symbol with the letters DFU in the top right corner. Press that button. 
  5. You'll now get asked to select file type. Select "Distribution Package (ZIP)"  and press ok.
  6. In the file selector go to the folder where you saved the ZIP file from step 3 (should be named Select that file.
  7. Now you'll see a graph that show the upload speed and the progress. Wait for it to complete (may take up to a couple of minutes).

8. Verify that the firmware was updated correctly

  1. Wait a minute after the upload has completed. Then go back to the scanner in the top tab bar.
  2. Turn the pin on again by pressing the power button on the pin until it turns on.
  3. Refresh the list by pressing "scan" and press the "Open tab" or "connect" button on the "Pin" item.
  4. If you see a "connect" button in the top right corner press it to connect to the pin.
  5. Click the Device Information item in the list. 
  6. Then press the Arrow button on the item "Software revision string" in the list that opens. 
  7. Verify that the value of this item is sw-1.0.3-g9404f63. The important part is the 1.0.3 the rest you can ignore. If you see the correct number you are done.

    If you don't see the correct number the installation failed and you'll ned to start over from step 6 and redo the installation.

    Contact us if you fail more than once.

Need some extra help

Don't hesitate to contact us using the chat in the bottom right corner if you need some extra help.

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