Note: A firmware update is only needed if you are experiencing issues with connecting to the pin on iOS. 

Important: This firmware is already installed on all devices shipped after 31st of March 2018. If you got you're pin after that date you already have the latest firmware update.

What you'll need

  • The pin can only be updated via Bluetooth so you'll need your iPhone.
  • Your pin (fully charged).

The Video

I've recorded this video that shows the process from start to end. Use that and take help of the steps below for more detailed information.

The steps

Follow these step to update the firmware on your pin:

1. Download NRF connect from App Store

Go to App Store on your iPhone and search and install NRF connect. (NRF connect is a software that is used to update the chip in the pin).

2. Download Firmware 

Download Open it on nrf Connect and it will be saved there.

3. Open "NRF Connect" and connect to your pin

The previous step would bring you straight to the app so here is what to do now.

  1. Turn your pin on.
  2. Unpair you pin by holding the power button for 5s (until you see the paring screen).
  3. Open the NRF Connect app on your iPhone. 
  4. Press "scan" or you can drag the list down and let it reload.
  5. Click the "connect" button on the "Pin" item in the list of devices.
  6. You might now see a message asking you to bond to the pin. Ignore it.
  7. Great you're now connected. 

4. Change the pin's characteristics and put it into update firmware mode

  1. Click on the first tab "Unknown Service"
  2. Scroll through the list and you should see an "Unknown Characteristic" with the UUID of D6678325-26D4.... (The ID will always be the same so you can just look out for the first few characters)
  3. Click on the arrow on the side on the same tab.
  4. Write the new value EFBEADDE and click send when you are done.
  5. The pin should turn off and it is in update firmware mode 

5. Upload the new firmware

  1. Go back to the scanner in the tab bar in NRF Connect.
  2. Press "Scan" again.
  3. Now a item called "PinUpdate" will appear in the list of devices. Press "connect" on that item.
  4. On the new screen you'll see a tab "Secure DFU Service"  and a button DFU at the corner. Press that button. 
  5. You'll now get asked to select a firmware and your list should be empty. Click on the '+' on the top right hand corner and you should see the file at the top of the list. Click it and press done.
  6. Click on "Save" on the top left hand corner then select the zip folder and you will be brought to the update firmware page.
  7. Click on the start button on the button of the screen in the middle.
  8. Now you'll see a graph that show the upload speed and the progress. Wait for it to complete (may take up to a couple of minutes).

When it is completed, there will be a tick button on the bottom of the page, in the middle and after you have clicked that, it will bring you to the previous page. But if it does not appear (after 3 minutes), click on the arrow back and back till you are at the main screen again and refresh the list. If the PinUpdate tab is not there, the update is done. 

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